Coconut substrate

Coconut substrate 100% coco 50l

Professional substrate Cocomark 100% coco is suitable for all kinds of inner and outer growing in flower-pots. After use easily recyclable or for soil enrichment. For best results the use of any two pack fertilizer for coco-nut A+B is recommended. Fertilizers to be add since the first day.

Ph value 5,8 - 6,2. Ec value max 0,3.

Composition: buffered coco-nut fibres and coco-nut dust.

Volume 50l.

Substrate CocoPerlite 50l

Professional substrate Cocomark 70% coco , 30% perlite. Perlit is a white vulcanic mineral matter providing for excellent aerating and drainage of growing medium. Coco perlite is ideal for quick growing plants. Suitable for all kinds of growing outside and inside.

Ph value 5,8 - 6,2. Ec value max 0,3.

Composition: 70% buffered coco-nut dust and coco-nut fibres, 30% perlit.

Volume 50l.

Substrate Light mix 50l

Cocomark light mix is a substrate containing high quality turf types, coco-nut fibres and perlit. It contains a minimum amount of nutrients, so fertilizers can be added since the beginning of growing. Very suitable also for seed germination and propagation by cuttings. Using fertilizers in the first week of growing is recommended.

Ph value max 6,5. Ec value 0,8 - 1,2.

Composition: quality turf types, coco-nut fibres, perlit.

Volume 50l.

Substrate Special mix

Cocomark Special mix is a 100% biological pre-fertilized substrate. It supports the growth of roots and boosts during the first four to six weeks og growing. It contains high guality turf types, coconut fibers and perlite. Nutrients in substrate are supplied by guano, worm humus and natural forms of nitrogen.

Ph value 6,5-7,5. Ec value 2,2.


Volume 50l, 25l, 10l.

Coco Peat

Coco Peat are obtained from coconut Husk. It is a 100% organic product that is easily decomposable. The coconut substrate contains Trichoderma, which prevents the propagation of root fungus and promotes healthy plant growth. The Cocopeat itself can be also used for 4 growing cycles in succession. The coconut substrate is 100% biodegradable. The coconut substrate is suitable for vegetables and Gardening. Using the right fertilizer mixing with Coco peat can be used as a growing medium, the results of the grown products are fantastic.

Ph value 5,5 - 6,5.Ec value max 0,9. The product is 100% naturally degradable.

CocoPeat parametrs

5 kg
70 l
30x30x15 cm
650 g
11 l
20x10x5,5 cm

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+420 730 105 043

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dič: CZ05901031

Czech republic
Sopotnice 20


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